Boston Beer Works [Canal Street] 4/1/08

     Found myself down at Boston Beer Works‘ Canal Street locale last night catching up with some friends and a former co-worker who’d come in from out of town. It’s been awhile since I’d been down there and as always I was prepared for the Jekyll/Hyde split personality of Beer Works brews. For the most part it was a good night where of the 3 beers I had 1 was very enjoyable and the other 2 weren’t bad, just OK. I’ll take that as a win.

In order of consumption:

Double Vision (7.3% ABV)- Dubbel
Grade: C

     It’s odd because it seems like there’s a lot going on in a glass of Double Vision, but it’s all very indistinct. Lots of fruitiness, but you can’t zero in on a specific taste or scent as they’re so muddied. Very malty sweet and thick/slick mouthfeel. It’s way heavier than a good dubbel should be. If they thinned it out just a bit this could be a much better brew. All in all one glass is enjoyable enough, but that’s about it. That said I’d probably order it again if it was on tap and nothing else was really catching my interest.

Blonde Faith Abbey Ale (? ABV)-Belgian Pale Ale
Grade: C-

     Crystal clear and golden. Generally crisp taste and just right mouthfeel: the body’s not too thin or too thick. The problem is, again, a lack of distinct character. Blonde Faith’s not bad, but it is forgettable. I think if they blended the Blonde Faith with the Double Vision they’d be on to something.

Muddy River Porter (5.5% ABV draft)- American Porter
Grade: B

     It seems that I had unintentionally left the best for last. At the bartender’s suggestion I sampled some of the Muddy River Porter side by side with the Buck Eye Oatmeal Stout before making the decision to go with the pint of Muddy as he had suggested. The Buck Eye was bitter and thin. It actually had a touch of smoke in it that while not bad it was not what you expect or want from an oatmeal stout. The Muddy on the other hand had a good body that was rich and smooth. Coffee was the prominant flavor with a slight sweet finish. A little bitterness helped balance it out and make this a solid offering. I definitely recommend this if you are going to the Canal Street locale any time soon because this is a good batch of porter.